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Project Aran

Project Aran D9 22/04/18

Energic project Aran D9.

Energic project Aran D9.

The motoculteur nearest you.

Yes, this was a long day up at 5.25 am and off at 6 am, arriving at 12.40, just after midday. Met Eric and proceeded to mechanical heaven, an acre or so of barns, workshops packed full of old engines, motoculteurs, tractors, cars etc. Many Energic wrecks and I counted at least 9 409/411 variants in all states from running to rusty ruins.

I started lunch and at 3 pm we viewed the prospects. A D9 with an altered bonnet, for a non-original exhaust, caught my eye on a mezzanine floor some 3 meters up. Then the magnificent G9 winch, or was it? On closer inspection, the chassis was there but no motor, Bug***!, still the chassis was in reasonable condition and was the motor about the place. We looked in every nook and cranny, shed, barn, dark place etc., nothing resembling the OHV engine I had seen before on the glimpse I had of a G9 motoculteur last year. eric said he would keep his eye open for it!

Then under a blue broken tarp., I found the remains of a B4L C7, that had seen better days. It had no drive chain, or guard cover, cover for the lateral valves and no compression. Looking closer I could see that both valves were stuck open. Also, there was no bonnet or support, and the fuel tank was rusted beyond recall.

We did the deal and loaded up the 2 motoculteurs and the G9 winch. It took a considerable amount of time to extract the machines from the undergrowth, under other machines, from 3+ meters up and load them in a safe way. I was up to the max weight with a 7 + hours journey ahead of me. I left at 6 pm………. I would be home in the small hours.

I rang the wife made my excuses and slowly trundled home. Finally reaching home about 1 am on Monday……13.hours 40 mins. driving, 1170 km and feeling tired!

Energic project Aran D9. Energic project Aran D9.

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