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Energic 409 Winch/Treuil

Energic 409 Winch/Treuil.

Energic Treuil/winch 409 Energic Treuil/winch 409

In the left-hand photo, you can see the heavy-duty correction screw system, which gave extra stability when winching.

Energic Treuil/winch 409

Rare Energic Treuil/winch 409 in used condition.

The Energic winch was an excellent alternative to the motoculteur and the standard plough when faced with difficult demanding terrain. Such as very steep slopes or where extra depth in ploughing was required. With 9 speeds in a reinforced structure, the winch’s power could plough to depths of 50cm!

The Treuil system could be mounted on to the PTO box within minutes. The position or the winch could be easily adjusted by the use of the correction screw system, with narrow wheels that gripped the terrain. This enabled smooth rewinding of the steel cable on to the revolving barrel.

Energic Treuil/winch furrow/plow Energic S bloc C7 Treuil/winch

The new adaption system of the 409/411 was different to the separate model system on the older C7 and D9 winches, with their over-specification of components to cope with the riggers and stresses involved in winch work up to 250m away. See below on an Energic C7 4BL.

Energic C7 Treuil/winch Energic C7 Treuil/winch

Engine/Moteur. Single-cylinder Patissier engine, 9cv, 500cm3, air-cooled, four-stroke with enclosed Lateral valves (soupapes latérales).

Lubrication. By constant circulation of oil held within the sump of the engine, 3.5 litres. The circulation pressure being attained from crankcase compression.

Energic Treuil/winch 409

Energic Treuil/winch 409 rear view.

Cooling. One large aluminium fan is mounted at the front of the engine, running on ball bearings. This system draws air into the hood circulating around the engine, ensuring cooling. this system was tested in extremely high temperatures and proved effective.

Carburetor/Carburateur. Zenith 26 TH, standard. (later models sometimes had a Zenith 28 RXZ – first installed in the 511, 411 tracteurs and motoculteurs – as a replacement repair)

Energic Motoculteur 409 9cv Carburetor/Carburateur

Energic Motoculteur 409 9cv Carburetor/Carburateur Type Zenith (Lyon) 26TH.

Starting. By hand crank, either directly on to the motor, or via the multiplicator. Both located at the front of the engine.

Magneto/Magnéto. Morel CT – 1 or Lavallete, as standard equipment (also Bosch and Novi brands were used between 1945 and the 1960s to a lesser extent).

Energic Treuil/winch 409

Energic Treuil/winch 409.

Air filter/Cleaner. Metallic element – (dependent upon the element that can be oil surface coated).

Gears. The three-speed gear box is built within the engine offering 2 variations either 3 forward and 1 reverse or 6 forward and 3 reverse gears.

Reverse. 3 speeds are available in reverse depending upon the options. The application of reverse gear lifts the plough out of the ground. This is also used for manoeuvring the motoculteur.

Energic Treul 409 9cv trial 1960

Energic Treul 409 9cv trial 1960.

Clutch. Multiple disc type immersed in oil, within the chassis casing. PTO; front (revolving at the speed of the engine), side and rear (turning between 125 and 1800 rp/m). ( PTO rear and side options).

Exhaust/Silencer. Fitted in a frontal position, away from the driver.

Steering. Independent wheel clutches makes steering very easy. De-clutching one wheel, and using reverse gear allows the motoculteur to be turned in its own width without undue effort.

Energic Treuil/winch 409

Energic Treuil/winch 409 great!

Wheels. 3 options; Pneumatic Tyre wheels 750 x 18 front, metal paddle wheels and spud/rounded spikes metal wheels. (special smaller Marachère metal wheels of 50cms could be additionally ordered for the adaption rotavator). The blockage is independent for each wheel. Wheel width is regular-able between in 9 stages between 0.53m and 1.15m. These widths are obtained by altering the wheels into different positions.

Ploughing depth. Up to 50cm.

Energic Treuil/winch deep furrow/plow

Fuel consumption. 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 litres of fuel per hour dependent upon working conditions. the tank holds approx. 9 litres.

Weight. 500+kgs.

Energic 409/411 Winch/Treuil.

Energic 411 Winch/Treuil metal wheel option.

Energic 409 Energic 409 Energic 409

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