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Energic Le Pin

Energic D 9 B4L Le Pin

It was 11 degrees on a mid-October morning when I set off at around 9 am to rescue this rather rusty old lady. After a smooth brisk journey, I arrived some 2 hours later after a small detour and an ask for directions at the village destination. I had no name, an address that did not on the face of it exist and a mobile number – I seem to have been here in this situation before!

I stopped and asked directions from a gaggle of children and young adults.” That’s my grandfather’s motoculteur” a voice piped up, as I explained the address and phone number and showed the pictures I had printed off from the advert. Being a small village and it seems everybody knows each other, after a U-turn, a short unpaved road and tight turns later I popped out into a courtyard of a grand Maison de Maitre.

I spotted the rare Energic D9 B4L under a side barn, it looked pretty rusty even from that distance. Crikey.

Grandfather Bruno was located and dragged from his veg patch to deal with the prospector. He greeted me with”You were meant to ring before you arrived!”. I have been greeted with more hostility before so I smiled and blurted out my agricultural French. Well, I knew what I meant to say.

The children dispersed as we got technical and the dog was released. One waggy tailed chase spaniel, who embarrassed his owner and a semi obedient lab who just was at the wrong height for a man.

Bruno’s father’s father owned the Energic D9 B5L from new some 88 years ago and it had been the mainstay of their modest farming empire for many years until it was superseded by an Energic tractor the trusty 511. Which Bruno had great delight in showing me as it was the first tractor he drove and it brought many fond memories back of yesteryear. It had yet to be restored and had a mid-side plough attachment.

We got back to the D9 B5L. Bruno explained in a deep tone, how complete the motoculteur was and how easy it would be to get up and running. Yeah right!. I pointed out a number of defects, missing pieces and mechanical issues that would preclude me from starting it the moment I got home. namely; the exhaust had rotted away and the water damage moisture had worked its way up to the cylinder head ceasing the exhaust valve. The cover of the lateral pushrods also being missing and the air filter had just vanished ( I expect that it was a casualty of the water as well – seen this before). Also, the primer on the carburettor was stuck down, never a good sign. I looked at the capot and the plaque was greened up but I thought I saw D9. These challenges somewhat took the shine off his expectations when negotiating the price. It had a manivelle/starting handle though, normally this goes walkabout.

I saw some very original green and orange undercoated paint, true for that period of motoculteur. on the fuel tank. This was about all the paint that was left on the old girl. Methinks she has spent a long long time out in the weather and has suffered from quite extreme weather damage.

We talked a bit more and then got round to positioning the trailer with some deft reversing techniques. I put together my trusty battery-powered winch and after a moment of panic, as the cable got wedged, I hauled up the 440kgs onto the trailer. Plenty of wood on the floor of the trailer offered some protection from the dual metal wheels that would eat your trailer wooden flooring. Bruno swung on the back of the B4L as it made its ascent for freedom. I always get a kick out of the people who help load as they sway up and down left to right as the metal wheels move from lug to lug. Been there and although satisfying in loading is quite a painful process, especially if you are 75 going on 40 as Bruno tried to be.

Loaded, now tethered with 5 straps. I was almost ready to go. oops, look to secure the starting handle, stowed in the van with the capot/bonnet and fuel cap. Energic toolbox wired shut, yes I think we are there.

Bruno looked at me and grunted”No cheques”, I understood and we conveyed the agreed reduced amount of dosh. It swiftly disappeared into his knurled hands and the straight into the pocket. And then we continued briefly the pleasantries. Into the cab, started the engine and we were rolling, very slowly out of the drive down the wiggly narrow side streets and onto the paved road. A quick wave to his relatives who were gathered to see grandfather’s relic en route and a growl from an overweight bulldog standing proud at the end of the street…I was away.

Before hitting any real speed on the dual carriageway, I stopped tightening all 5 tie-down straps, taped up the open fuel tank as it looked like rain and sped off home.

Loading into the barn, with the help of Baz the youngest who tried to hold onto the front of the 400kgs+ beast as it rolled backwards being guided off the trailer by yours truly. After a bit of pushing, growing and manoeuvring It was parked in the barn. To comment of “where will the next one go dad”. I will find room somewhere.

I later took more photos, motor number, and noticed it had a non-standard magneto Morel. I took a closer look at the capot. After a light clean up of the plaque with oil, yes it was not the original I would have liked to have had those serial numbers but it was not to be. The capot was in bad shape with plenty of water damage and was from a D9 with an M9 motor. A 405, very early number 466 so 1936’ish. A find in its own right. Yet more confirmation of serial numbers, models of that early uncharted Energic history. I added this to my serial, model history and understood more of what was!

New Energic motoculteur D9 5BL project just found! Very rusty, been outside for a long time.

Energic motoculteur D9 5BL Energic motoculteur D9 5BL Energic motoculteur D9 5BL Energic motoculteur D9 5BL Energic motoculteur D9 5BL Energic motoculteur D9 5BL

Energic motoculteur D9 5BL Energic motoculteur D9 5BL Energic motoculteur D9 5BL Energic motoculteur D9 5BL


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