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Energic Motobineuses L 61

Energic motobineuse L 60 elecric.

Energic Motobineuses L 61.

Energic motobineuse L 60 elecric specific brochure.

Energics first electric motobineuses.

The Energic Elkectric L 60 Models had many advantages;

Absence of pollution; Carbon monoxide exhaust gases especially when used in greenhouses, and areas of reduced space or with poor ventilation.

Ease of operation; Its ability for ease button start, flexibility for continuous use.

Noise levels; Kept to a minimum db’s.

Low Maintenance; No serviceability of reduction gearbox – greased for life. No requirement for engine oil, fuel of subsequent filters.

Low running costs; Worked out on kilowatt per hour – cheaper than fuel.


Motor; Monophase 220 volts.

Energic electric L 60 operating in a enclosed enviroment/greenhouse – no emmision levels – advantages.

Vitesses; 2 forward with 1 reverse gear/mode.

Handlebars; Regulable for height in multi- positions to suit the operator.

Energic motobineuse L 61/L 63 adaptablr up and down.

Handlebars; Regulable left to right in multi- positions to suit the operator.

Energic motobineuse L 61/L 63 adaptablr up and down.

Tyres; Optional sizes 400 x 8 pneumatic, 500 x 10 metal paddle. Additional metal wheels.

Operating width; 0.75m (min 0.35m). With rotating blades measuring 350mm.

Energic electric L60 operating outdoors in a garden – easey use – advantages.

Transport wheel; Located/attached at the rear for ease of operation when required.

Optional tools; Brabant 1/2 de tour, Brabant 1/4 de tour, charrue simple, Port-outils universel, Paire de roues metalliques, Buttior extensible and Cultivateur.


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