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New/Nouvelles pages

New/Nouvelles pages.

The following new pages are in date order as they have been added to the website. You may not have seen these pages on your last visit. They are worth a quick read. Just click on the links below in blue, and discover more Energic.

The land of Energic.

Jan/Feb/March/April 2021.

Energic Motoculteur Monoroue type “M.R.-5”

Energic Motobinuese type L 30 series. Models L 33, L 34 & L 35.

Energic Motobinuese type L 50 series. Models L 53, L 54, L 55, L 56 & L 50 Super.

Energic Motobinuese type L 60 series. Models L 61 & L 63. Electric versions of the L 50 series.

Tondeuses series Gazon 8 models & seriies Electric 2 models. + Auto-Portee Tractee model. All of the late 1970’s.

Departement Petite Materials; Aspirateurs, Atomiseurs, Debroussailleuses, Tailleuse de Haies and 8 models of Tronconneuses 2 temps – 36 cc to 85 cc.

Energic Motoculteur type 140 series – 3 models, 3 different motors, 4 and 2 stroke with 3 motor manufactures using the same chassis and parts.

Energic Motoculteur type 130 series – 2 models, 2 different motors, 4 and 2 stroke with 2 motor manufactures using the same chassis and parts.

Energic Motoculteur 102. New photographs and specification.

Energic Motoculteur 103. New photographs and specification.

Energic Monoroue series. To be additionally added to soon.

Energic Motoculteur R.A.M. 7

Energic series 200 adjustable hubs/axles.

Transformation to Mototondeuse.

Energic Motoculteur – 103 Bineuse Avant.

Energic Engines pre-1940.

Air filter positioning for extreme conditions.

Energic Mystery Motofaucheuse.

Energic 205 Treuil

Tractors/Motoculteurs Treuils.

Energic Motoculteur Treuils.

Project Coce.

Energic Motobineuse Type 75 Rapide.

Energic Loisir 4.

Energic Motoculteur 318 D.

Energic Series 220 Pulverisateurs.

VAP engines/moteurs.

Projects awaiting start Agen.

Projects awaiting start Abbey.

Projects awaiting start Brison.

Projects awaiting start Join.

Projects awaiting start Aran.

Energic R 5cv.

Energic R 7cv.

***************** the following are just great photos of machines in the Energic range.*************************

Energic motoculteur 409 9cv
Energic motoculteur 409 treuil in all its glory – factory photo.
Energic Motobineuse Electric series, 2 models – ahead of there time.
Energic motoculteur 103 with front attachment hoe.
Energic Motoculteur 103 with Bineuse avant.
Energic motobineuse type from the 1981 Morini moteur
1981 Energic Motobineuse with a Morini moteur – R.A.M. 7.
Factory photo of Motoculteur 409 with prototype bavolets for vine work.


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