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Energic Motoculteur 410

Energic Motoculteur 410.


Energic 410 motoculteur diesel www.energic.infoEnergic 410 motoculteur diesel

Energic 410 motoculteur diesel


Later on in 1965 (after 1/05/65) the motorization of the Energic 410 diesel  changed to a Lombardini 377cm3 diesel and was branded the 410 D4 and the weight was reduced to 330kgs for a more efficient use of a smaller engine.

Engine. Sachs diesel Single cylinder 500cm3 (80 x 98 mm), 10cv, liquid cooled, 2 stroke with enclosed Lateral valves (soupapes latérales).

Energic 410 motoculteur diesel engine

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Lubrication. By constant circulation of oil held within the sump of the engine. The circulation pressure being attained from crankcase compression.

Cooling. Radiator and fan system.

Starting. By crank.

Air filter/Cleaner. Filter in a bath of oil.

Energic 410 motoculteur diesel


Gears. The gear box is built within the engine offering 6 forward and 3 reverse gears depending upon the options.

Reverse. 3 speeds are available in reverse depending upon the options. The application of reverse gear lifts the plough out of the ground. This is also used for maneuvering the motoculteur.

Clutch. Clutch multiple discs in oil bath type. Prise de force rear – PTO.

Energic 410 motoculteur sachs diesel


Speeds.With 1st gear giving 1.81kmph, 2nd – 2.49kmph, 3rd – 3.39kmph, 4th 5.79kmph, 5th 7.74kmph  and 6th gear giving 10.45kms per hour. @ 2000 rpm.

Exhaust/Silencer. Fitted to the left hand side in a frontal position (viewed from the rear looking forward), away from the driver.

Steering. Independent wheel clutches makes steering very easy. De-clutching one wheel at a time.

Energic 410 motoculteur diesel


Wheels. 3 options; Pneumatic  Dunlop CR Tyre wheels 750 x 18 for ploughing (labour) and 650 x 16 or T 32 for drilling ( Fraisage), metal paddle wheels and spud/rounded spikes metal wheels. (special smaller Marachère metal wheels of 50 cms could be additionally ordered for the adaption rotivator and 70 cms for ploughing). Blockage independent for each wheel. Wheel width is regular-able between 64 cms and 85 cms in 9 settings. In metal wheels 53 cms to 83 cms.

Hitch. Universal Patissier. Breveté system S.G.D.G. (patented in France and the UK) articulated  strengthened bar with universal fitment to all ancillary equipment. Enabling the adjustment of draft and other characteristics required to operate the implements at different depths.

Ploughing depth. Up to 12 ins (30,48 cms) dependent upon soil conditions.

Energic 410 motoculteur diesel  Energic 410 motoculteur diesel

Fuel consumption. 0.6 to 1.5 liters of fuel per hour dependent upon working conditions. The tank holds approx. 9 liters.

Weight. 420kgs With additional wheel weights of approx. 20kgs single or double. Also it is possible to fill the tyre with water for extra traction and weight.

Speeds.With 1st gear giving 2kms – kmph, 2nd – 3kmph, 3rd – 4kmph, 4th 7kmph, 5th 12kmph  and 6th gear giving 18kms per hour

Energic 410 motculteur 10cv diesel  Energic 410 motoculteur rotivator


The following implements where available across the 400 series starting on the 409 of 1946 and used through out the production history;


  Energic 409/411 attachments - extirpateur


Energic 409/411 attachments - binuese  Energic 409/411 attachments - binuese www.energic.infoEnergic 409/411 attachments - binuese  Energic 409/411 attachments - binuese


Energic 409/411 attachments - buttoir  Energic 409/411 attachments - buttoir

Specialist lifters and cutters

Energic 409/411 attachments - cutters paroir a allees  Energic 409/411 attachments - potatoe lifter  Energic 409/411 attachments - chassis


Energic 409/411 attachments - decavaillonneuse    Energic 409/411 attachments brabant  

Energic 409/411 attachments pl;ough  Energic 409/411 attachments - binuese

Hitches/Attachments – sulkys

Energic 409/411 attachments - sulkys  Energic 409/411 attachments - sulkys  Energic 409/411 attachments - sulkys


Energic 410 motoculteur diesel



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