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Energic Monoroue

Energic Monoroue.

Energic Monoroue.

The Energic Motoculteur Monoroue was developed for specialist narrow gauge work in nurseries, horticulture, market gardeners and where essentially smaller line crops and their planting width between crops is important. In this environment slimness/width, manoeuvrability and versatility were very important factors. Along with enough power (with 2and implements to do the task.

Specific Energic motocultuers were manufactured for this purpose – the Energic motoculteur 102 and laterly the M.R.-5. When looking at the design of a smaller motoculteur it was possible to adopt a design to incorporate a Monroe system. This adaptability is shown in the Energic 103 motoculteur, which would operate in 2 wheels or 1 wheel model. But it was easier for specialist nurseries, horticulture and market gardeners to purchase a specific motoculteur for their individual requirements and not have to adapt the motoculteur each time it was required.

The Energic motoculteur 102 (48 cc 2cv) and laterly the more powerful M.R.-5. (98 cm3, 5 cv) used lighter 2 stroke engines with their flexibility and lower maintenance. The Energic 103 had a 4 stroke 3cv motor – giving its maximum torque at lower revs., 3000 r/pm.

The Energic 102 is a essentially a re badged Staub PP1R
Energic motoculteur 102 monoroue.
Energic motoculteur 103 with front attachment hoe.
Energic motoculteur 103 in monoroue formation.


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