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Energic Motobineuse Type L 34

Energic motobineuse L30 range brochure.

Energic Motobineuse Type L 34.

Engine/moteur; Type Bernard 161 cm3, single cylinder, 4 cv, 4 stroke.

Lubrication; Oil.

Capacity reservoir; 1.85 liters.

Transmission; Double transmission crankcase. mechanical assembly mounted on self lubricating 2 R S bearings.

Starter by cord; Automatic rewind.

Cooling; By air circulation.

Air filter; Filter in a bath of oil.

Gears; 1 gear available. It is possible to obtain 2 speeds by adding a sprocket gear – option of 7 speeds/gears by application of sprocket at different ratios.

Clutch; Automatic.

Steering; Handlebars, which are regularable.

Throttle control; Operated from the right hand side of the handlebars.

Weight; 53 kgs.

Adaptions; For hoeing/binage, setting between 10 to 65 cms, grass cutter/barre de coupe, plow/buttoir, hitch remorque, discs rotative 33 cms etc. 

Importantly the Energic motobineuse model L34 is the same as the L 54 except the L 54 has 2 gears/vitesses instead of one. Also the handlebars structure and securing points over time changed.


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