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Sachs engines/moteurs

Sachs engines/moteurs.

Sachs engines/moteurs history

On 1 August 1895, the Schweinfurter Präzisions-Kugellagerwerke Fichtel & Sachs, a partnership, was formed in the German town of Schweinfurt by 2 inventors Mr Ernest Sachs (1867-1932) and Karl Fitchtel. They produced ball bearings, bike hubs and associated components. Amongst its many inventions is the freewheel for bikes, of 1897, which proved very popular.

The company grew, and by 1911, the year of Mr Fichtel’s death, had over 7 000 employees. In 1923 the partnership was then registered on the stock exchange and was bought by SKF (Swedish ball bearing company), keeping ball-bearing production at Schweinfurt.

Key to the Energic range; Between 1929 to 1996, F&S produced a range of engines, initially for bicycles, and later for motorbikes, snowmobiles and small cars. Ranging from small 2 strokes to diesel engines. By 1929 they also produced a range of clutches and many auto components.

Ernst Sachs died in 1932 and was succeeded in the company by his son Willy Sachs.

During the 1960s to the mid-1980s, the company continued in bike parts for major bike manufacturers. And in 1970 dabbled in producing a Wankel engined motorcycle for the manufacturer Hercules.

In 1987, the German Mannesmann AG company bought the majority of F&S stock, and in 1997 F&S was renamed to Mannesmann Sachs AG.

In 2001, Mannesmann Sachs AG.was purchased by ZF Friedrichshafen AG and renamed to ZF Sachs AG. The bike division was sold to the US- giant SRAM Corp. This left the Sachs division of ZF Sachs AG to concentrate on the production of auto components.

ZF Sachs AG employed some 16 500 employees in 19 countries by 2011, with annual sales of 1.8 billion euros. In 2011 ZF Sachs was incorporated to ZF Friedrichshaften AG.



Were the prefered engines in many Energic machines, from tracteurs, motoculteurs, motobineuses, and even Lawnmowers. See some examples below;

Energic Sachs 604cc moteur Energic Sachs 604cc moteur

Sachs 604cc, 12cv installed in a 512 tracteur dated 1965, 4 speed forward

Energic tracteur 512

Started with the assistance of small charges.

Energic motoculteur 410 sachs 500cm3

Energic motoculteur 410 sachs 500cm3.

Energic 410 motoculteur/treuil  sachs 500cm3

Energic 410 motoculteur/treuil sachs 500cm3.

Sachs Single cylinder 76cm3, 2.5cv, 2 stroke, Air-cooled.

Energic Motobineuse Type 75 demonstration field trials

Energic Motobineuse Sachs engined Type 75 demonstration field trials.

Energic lawn mower- tondeuses variant Pervenche.

Energic Tondeuses a Gazon – Pervenche.

Motor; Sachs 2.5 cv, 2 stroke. Cylinders 79.6 cm3.


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