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Energic 410 Winch/Treuil

Energic 410 Winch/Treuil on metal wheels.

Energic 410 treuil/winch

Engine. Sachs diesel Single cylinder 500cm3 (80 x 98 mm), 10cv, liquid-cooled, 2 stroke with enclosed Lateral valves (soupapes latérales).

Energic 410 motoculteur diesel engine

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Lubrication. By constant circulation of oil held within the sump of the engine. The circulation pressure being attained from crankcase compression.

Cooling. Radiator and fan system.

Starting. By crank.

Air filter/Cleaner. Filter in a bath of oil.

Gears. The gearbox is built within the engine offering 6 forward and 3 reverse gears depending upon the options.

Reverse. 3 speeds are available in reverse depending upon the options. The application of reverse gear lifts the plough out of the ground. This is also used for manoeuvring the motoculteur.

Clutch. Clutch multiple discs in oil bath type. Prise de force rear – PTO.

Exhaust/Silencer. Fitted to the left-hand side in a frontal position (viewed from the rear looking forward), away from the driver.

Steering. Independent wheel clutches makes steering very easy. De-clutching one wheel at a time.

Wheels. Pneumatic Tyre wheels 750 x 18 (Tyre options 7.5 x 18, 6.5 x 16 or 5 x 15) . Nine additional overall widths are available;64, 66, 68, 72.5, 74.5, 76.5, 81, 83 and 85 cms. These are obtained by altering the wheels into different positions. The blockage is independent for each wheel. Wheel width is regular-able between 0.53m and 1.03m

Ploughing depth. Up to 12 ins (30,48 cms) dependent upon soil conditions.

Fuel consumption. 0.6 to 1.5 liters of fuel per hour dependent upon working conditions. The tank holds approx. 9 litres.

Weight. 500+kgs With additional wheel weights of approx. 20kgs single or double. Also, it is possible to fill the tyre with water for extra traction and weight.

Speeds. With 1st gear giving 2 km, 2nd – 3 kph, 3rd – 4 kph, 4th 7 kph, 5th 12 kph and 6th gear giving 18 km per hour.


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