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Energic Motoculteur 409

Energic 409 Motoculteur available from 1945 


The new concept of all in house design and maufactured multiculteur was worked on from initial concept, drawing board to production prototypes between 1939 and 1941. The first full production model manufactured was the 409 (500cc) 3V, which was of a complete in house design and manufacture. (This was after many prototypes where tested including a 407 motoculteur 5cv and 7cv with a smaller 350/400cc engine/moteur.) This was the first time Energic had manufactured its own engines as well as the chassis etc. A huge step forward for efficiency of production, costs etc. This also included design developments including the integration of all the component parts for the wheel clutches over came a historical problem in the C7 and D9 ranges before the war. (That of the ingress of mud, dirt etc, eroding the wheel hubs, clutch movement pins and general wear). Placing these parts internally ment they could be adequately lubricated and protected for the wear and tear of active duty.

And I have seen an order dating from June 1942 for the New Energic 409 awaiting homologué, with information showing authorizations relating the New 409 as early as 20 May 1941.

Order dating from June 1942 for the New Energic 409 motoculteur

Bon De Commande dated 1/3/1940 for a Energic  D9

Bon De Commande dated 1/3/1940 for a Energic D9


Interestingly I have a 409 manual dated and printed “May 1945“.

Energic May 1945

And a “catalogue des piéces détachées” dated 1946.

Energic Catalogue des pièces détachées 1946  Energic Catalogue des pièces détachées 1946

This very early Energic 409 motoculteur model had a open trap door on top of the hood for access, in the initial design. This was dropped in later models as the 409 evolved. Mr Patissier had looked at the overall design, and had incorporated the strength and structures of the tractors of that time. With a strong chassis, engine and versatile multi disc oil bath clutch this Energic motoculteur was the basis of all to follow. There where also numerous engineering solutions and innovations on these early machines, overcoming some of the fundamental problems inherent in the early B5, C7 and D9 machines.

Energic motoculteur 409 specsifications

This was quickly followed by the Energic 411 motoculteur 11cv (700cc)- see page on 411 motoculteur.



Energic 409 motoculteur  Energic 409 motoculteur


Engine. Single cylinder Patissier engine, 9cv, 500cm3,  air cooled, four stroke with enclosed Lateral valves (soupapes latérales).

Energic motoculteur 409 moteur

Lubrication. By constant circulation of oil held within the sump of the engine, 3.5 liters. The circulation pressure being attained from crankcase compression.

Cooling. One large aluminium fan which is mounted at the front of the engine, running on ball bearings. This system draws air into the hood circulating around the engine, ensuring cooling. this system was tested in extreme high temperatures and proved effective.

The New Energic motoculteur 409

Starting. By hand crank, either direct on to the motor, or via the multiplicateur. Both located at the front of the engine.

Magneto/Magnéto. Morel CT – 1 or Lavallete, as standard equipment (also Bosch and Novi brands where used between 1945 and the 1960’s to a lesser extent).

Air filter/Cleaner. Metallic element – (dependent upon the element that can be oil surface coated).

Carburetor/Carburateur. Zenith 26 TH, standard. (later models sometimes had a Zenith 28 RXZ – first installed in the 511, 411 tracteurs and motoculteurs – as a replacement repair)

Energic Motoculteur 409 9cv Carburetor/Carburateur

Energic Motoculteur 409 9cv Carburetor/Carburateur Type Zenith (Lyon) 26TH

Energic Motoculteur 409 9cv Carburetor/Carburateur Type Zenith (Lyon) 26TH  Energic Motoculteur 409 9cv Carburetor/Carburateur Type Zenith (Lyon) 26TH  Energic Motoculteur 409 9cv Carburetor/Carburateur Type Zenith (Lyon) 26TH  Energic Motoculteur 409 9cv Carburetor/Carburateur Type Zenith (Lyon) 26TH

The Zenith 26TH carburetor stripped down to component parts.


Gears. The three speed gear box is built within the engine offering  2 variation s either 3 forward and 1 reverse or 6 forward and 3 reverse gears.

Energic motoculteur 409 Early brochure  Energic 409 motoculteur 9cv


Reverse. 3 speeds are available in reverse depending upon the options. The application of reverse gear lifts the plough out of the ground. This is also used for maneuvering the motoculteur.

Clutch. Multiple disc type immersed in oil, within the chassis casing. PTO; front (revolving at the speed of the engine), side and rear (turning between 125 and 1800 rp/m). ( PTO rear and side options).

Speeds. With 1st gear giving 1.81kmph, 2nd – 2.49kmph, 3rd – 3.39kmph, 4th 5.79kmph, 5th 7.74kmph  and 6th gear giving 10.45kms per hour. @ 2000 rpm.

Exhaust/Silencer. Fitted in a frontal position, away from the driver.

Energic motoculteur 409 harrowing  Energic motoculteur 409 ploughing


Steering. Independent wheel clutches makes steering very easy. De-clutching one wheel, and using reverse gear allows the motoculteur to be turned in its own width without undue effort.

Wheels. 3 options; Pneumatic  Dunlop CR Tyre wheels 750 x 18 for ploughing (labour) and 650 x 16 or T 32 for drilling ( Fraisage), metal paddle wheels and spud/rounded spikes metal wheels. (special smaller Marachère metal wheels of 50 cms could be additionally ordered for the adaption rotivator and 70 cms for ploughing). Blockage independent for each wheel. Wheel width is regular-able between 64 cms and 85 cms in 9 settings. In metal wheels 53 cms to 83 cms.

Hitch. Articulated pivoted strengthened bar, Breveté system S.G.D.G. (patented in France and the UK), with universal fitment to all ancillary equipment. Enabling the adjustment of draft and other characteristics required to operate the implements at different depths.

Energic motoculteur 409 plowing  Energic motoculteur 409 cutting Hay


Plowing depth. Up to 12 ins (30,48 cms) dependent upon soil conditions.

Fuel consumption. 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 liters of fuel per hour dependent upon working conditions. the tank holds approx. 9 liters.

Energic motoculteur 409 cutting Hay  Energic 409 motoculteur harvesting  Energic 409 motoculteur with hay cutter


Weight. 470/490kgs

Optional equipment for Energic motoculteur 409 models; Rotivator/Fraise, High pressure reservoir for the the treatment of fruit trees/pulvérisateur haute pression pour le traitement des arbes fruitiers. Trailer/remorquages.



Energic 409 motoculteur 9cv PTO frontal  Energic motoculteur 409 rear poer take off  Energic 409 motoculteur 9cv PTO frontal

PTO operating front of the motoculteur;

Energic 409 motoculteur  Energic 409 motoculteur  Energic 409 motoculteur

Jauge d’huile du moteur.

Energic 409 motoculteur

Chassis, showing the strength of the design for the 409 motoculteur.

Energic 409 motoculteur brochure

Energic 409 motoculteur brochure


Energic 409 model adaption options;

Rotivator/Fraise Rotative

Energic 409 motoculteur rotivator and solid wheels  Energic 409 motoculteur rotivator side view  Energic 409 motoculteur rotivator front view

This adaption can be mounted quickly onto a rear PTO.The dents are 75 cms, with the width of 80 cms.


Energic 409 motoculteur rotivator



Energic 409 motoculteur  Energic 409 motoculteur spray set up

These high pressure systems where used for spraying vines and fruit trees.

The system on the left hand side (system 102) for clients with fruit trees. A tender of 200 liters, towed, operated from the PTO lateral could operate 2 lances at high pressure.

The system on the right hand side (system 103) for clients with fruit trees and vines, it is very easy to assemble and separate from the motoculteur (10 seconds was the boast from Energic).. The towed unit is the sprayer and is independent when powered up from the motoculteur.


Hay/grass cutter/Fauchage.

Energic 409 motoculteur with grass cutter  Energic 409 motoculteur  Energic 409 motoculteur with grass cutter

This adaption was one previously used on animals (horses, cattle), here just supplying the pulling power with a Energic motoculteur.


Towing trailers/Remorquage

Energic 409 motoculteur towing  Energic motoculteur 409 Pulling grain  Energic motoculteur 409 Pulling hay


Energic motoculteur abroad in Africa!

Energic motoculteur abroad in Africa!

Energic motoculteur abroad in Africa!


The following implements where available across the 400 series starting on the 409 of 1946 and used through out the production history;


  Energic 409/411 attachments - extirpateur


Energic 409/411 attachments - binuese  Energic 409/411 attachments - binuese www.energic.infoEnergic 409/411 attachments - binuese  Energic 409/411 attachments - binuese



Energic 409/411 attachments - buttoir  Energic 409/411 attachments - buttoir

Specialist lifters and cutters

Energic 409/411 attachments - cutters paroir a allees  Energic 409/411 attachments - potatoe lifter  Energic 409/411 attachments - chassis



Energic 409/411 attachments - decavaillonneuse    Energic 409/411 attachments brabant  

Energic 409/411 attachments pl;ough  Energic 409/411 attachments - binuese

Hitches/Attachments – sulkys

Energic 409/411 attachments - sulkys  Energic 409/411 attachments - sulkys  Energic 409/411 attachments - sulkys


Energic Motoculteur 409, 9CV, converted to 4 wheels,  Blockage differential, 3 speed forward and 1 reverse.

Energic motoculteur 409 adapted  Energic motoculteur 409 adapted  Energic motoculteur 409 adapted



Energic 409 motoculteur  Energic 409 motoculteur

Energic 409 motoculteur awaiting a restoration.


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