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Energic 4RM18

Energic 4RM18 (1962 to 1967)  


Energic 4RM18 tracteur Protype October 1961

Energic 4RM18 tracteur Protoype October 1961


Energic 4RM18 tracteur 1962

Energic 4RM18 (20/22cv) Motor Slanzi Diesel.(1962)


Engine/Moteur; Slanzi Diesel T1000 (1020cc0, 20/22cv  bi cylinder, 4 stroke, 4 wheel drive (1962) cc.  Lubrication by pump, Fuel filters.

Energic 4RM18 tracteur engine/moteur plaque

Energic 4RM18 tracteur engine/moteur plaque.


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Speed in gears; 1 – gear 3.22km/h, 2 – 3.704km/h, 3 – 6.660km/h, 4- 9.691km/h, 5- 10.784km/h, 6 – 19.382km/h

Dimensions; width min., 0.76m, length 2.4m, height bonnet 1m,  seat height 0.87m

Wheels; Front 750 x 16, rear 500 x 12.

Weight; 985kgs.

Energic 4RM18 tracteur 1962


Fuel tank capacity; 7.5 ltr.

Air filter; In a bath of oil.

Clutch; Dry single disc type.

Gears; 6 speed forward, 3 speed reverse, steering pivot within the wheels, maximum 60 degrees, turning circle just 1.30 meters. Drive direct to the front wheels, with a connecting shaft to the rear wheels. Diffential blockable.

Hitch; Multi functional rear couplings from trailers to equipment.

Energic 4RM18 tracteur

PTO; 3 prises de forces available in all gears.

Brakes; Front within the wheel, with hand operated brake for each front wheel to help in maneuverability.

Electrics. With dynamo, starter, battery 12v 50amps., lights front and back, and plug for trailers sockets.

Energic demonstration 4RM 18/12 tracteur range in the vines

Energic demonstration 4RM 18/12 tracteur range in the vines.


Hydraulic lift; With a lift max. force of 4 tons, Manuel adjusters for hydraulic, operation of the hydraulics from the instrument console.

Seat; Height (0.80m) and pitch adjustment.


Energic 4RM18 tracteur 1962

. The 4RM 18 was unveiled at the “lors du Comice Agricole de Juliénas (Rhone)” in 1962. by Ets Patissier director M. Nain. (frog eye type 4RM).


Energic 4RM18 tracteur  Energic 4RM18 tracteur



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Energic tracteur 4RM 35

Energic tracteur 4RM 35

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