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Energic Motobineuses Type Rubis

Energic Motobineuses Type Rubis.


Energic Rubis


The Rubis Motobineuses within its long production run was available in 5 different engines types, from 3 engine manufacturers in both 2 and 4 stroke/temps. Briggs & Stratton 3.5 or 5 cv 4 temps. ILO engines 4.3cv or 6cv 2 temps and Bernard moteurs 4.5cv 4 temps. (W249A).


Energic Rubis ILO 4.3/6cv 2 stroke/temps

ILO 4.3/6cv 2 stroke/temps


Energic Rubis Briggs & Straton 5cv  Energic Rubis Briggs & Straton 5cv

Energic Rubis Briggs & Straton 5cv  Energic Rubis Briggs & Straton 5cv

Briggs & Stratton moteur, Rubis 5cv.


Energic W249A motor  Energic W249A motor www.energic.infoEnergic W249A motor

Energic, Moteur Bernard type: W 249A   (No C)    4 stroke/temp.


  Energic type motor Bernard type D  

Motor Bernard W 249A Engine   (No D)    4 stroke/temp.


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Draw the curser across to the Energic Rubis engine type of your choice and click for more information.

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