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Energic Motoculteur Type 100 MM

Energic Motoculteur Type MM 100 –   3/1963.

Energic Type 100MM   Energic Type 100MM

Energic Motoculteurype MM 100 


Engine/Moteurs. ILO Single cylinder available in 98cm3, 4.3 cv  @ 4500 rpm, 2 stroke, alésage 50 mm x course 50 mm. And 148 cm3 versions.

Energic 100 MM/MVL moteur ILO 2 temps

Energic 100 MM/MVL moteur ILO 2 temps.


Carburateur. Bing 19.

Lubrication. Mixture of 8% oil in fuel.

Cooling. By air circulation.

Starting. By handle pull cord.

Air filter. Filter in a bath of oil.

Gears. Multi speed/vitesse. It is possible to obtain 2 speeds by adding a sprocket gear. A version “100 MM 3” was available with the addition of 7 extra positions , altered by hand movement of a gearing sprocket solution, giving up to 14 gears!

Energic Type 100MM

The three photos above show the process to achieve the 16 different speeds/gear selection.

Energic Type 100MM

Clutch. Automatic.

Exhaust/Silencer. Fitted to the left hand side in a frontal position (viewed from the rear looking forward), away from the driver.

Steering. Handle bars, which are regularable.

Energic Type 100MM

Wheels. Two wheels either tyres or metal.

Energic 100 MM metal wheels

Energic 100 MM motoculteur metal wheels with universal wheels adjustment.


Fuel consumption.  1 to 1.5 liters of fuel per hour dependent upon working conditions. The tank holds approx. 3.5 liters.

Throttle control. Operated from beneath the right hand side of the handle bars.

Weight. 90kgs.


Energic Type 100MM

Hitch. Universal with Breveté S.G.D.G.patenred system of implement attachment on the rear swinging arm. for all motoculteur implements plows, etc.


Energic 100 MVL motobineuse

Transformed. The MM can be transformed into a Tondeuse,  moteur for towing a trailer (remorque), Sprayer and have many adaptions such as  hoeing/binage 22 to 100cm, /buttoir for /buttage 13 to 36cm etc.

Energic Type 100MM

Energic Type 100MM transformed to tow a trailer.

The trailer is in metal, and can be operated on a reasonable flat surface. Trailer dimensions 1.20 m long x .80 m wide x .40 m depth. Capable of a max. towing load of 200kgs above the trailer weight.


Energic Type 100MM

Energic Type 100MM transformed to a sprayer.

The pumps pressure can be operated between 5 and 15 kgs. With up to 6 adjustments of the volume of spray depending upon requirements  for cereals, fruit, vegatables etc. It can also be used for disinfectants for stables, sty’s etc.The reservoir contains 50 liters.


Energic Type 100MM

Energic Type 100MM transformed to a lawn mower or tondeuse.

The cut is of 46cms radius. With height adjustments between 2 and 8cms of cut.

Adaptions. Many adaptions such as  hoeing/binage 22 to 100cm,




Universal fitments for the Motoculteur 100 MM;

Buttoir for /buttage 13 to 36cm etc. 






Tips to towed implements;







****This Motoculteur can be transforme into a Motobineuse 100 MVL – see Motobineuse  type 100 MVL****

Energic Type 100 M.V.L.

Motobineuse  type 100 MVL


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