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Wheel clutch pins

Energic motoculteurs wheel clutch pins.


There is a Patissier system of lvers operated from a handle bar to engage gears, drive forward and back and to engage the wheel clutch pins to steer right, left and aid in reverse.

To turn the Energic motoculteur just engage the lever on the handlebar either right to turn right (blocking the right wheel) or conversely left for a left turn.These are located on the outer sides of the handle bars. The same sytsem is universally used across the models before 1940 and on the 400 and 700 series after that date


Energic 4 or lever sytem for directional and gear selection


The runner/direction pin is susceptible to wear, you can usually tell how much the machine has been and how hard a life it has had from the state of these pins. They where often poorly replaced with non original pieces to save on cost – not cost effective in the long term. Sometimes the tooth is warn away completely making the operation of the wheel clutch very slack or eventually in effective.

photos good conditions.

Energic clutch pin assembly  Energic clutch pin assembly

Wheel pin and assembly in good serviceable condition.

Energic clutch pin assembly  Energic clutch pin assembly


On the newer models there is a change in the angle of the track/gullet the pin rides in for a smoother transfer.

Energic motoculteur B5, C7 and D9  wheel clutch pin   Energic motoculteur B5, C7 and D9  wheel clutch pin

The sleeve transfers the movement of the lever through a sleeve over the axle to the wheel hub assembly, where the wheel clutch pin is pushed through a inner holed disc, fixed to the hub, stopping the wheel rotating.

Wheel clutch mechanism, operated from 2 independent levers on the handlebars.

Energic inner wheel disc with wheel clutch pin hole and pin  Energic outer holed wheel disc  Energic inner disc holed with retaining nut

The mechanism pushes a large pin into a perforated inner disc which is in a fixed position on the wheel hub preventing the movement of that wheel. Turning right and left depending upon which lever operates on each wheel.

Energic motoculteur reverse one touch   Energic motoculteur reverse one touch

From this difficult maneuver to the right hand photo of a one touch reverse plow lift.

This system in reverse enables the operator to lift the implements out of the ground and turn within the overall length of the machine – offering greater maneuverability to motoculteurs weighing nearly 500kg with double wheel weights.


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