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Energic G9

Energic motoculteur G9


Energic G9 motoculteur

Energic motoculteur G9.


Energic G9 motoculteur

Energic motoculteur G9 side view.


Engine/Moteur. Single cylinder, air cooled,four stroke over head valves using a Chaise engine sourced directly from motor cycles. The Energic motculteur G9 develops 9hp (CV).

Chaise engine G9 500cm3

Chaise engine Energic motoculteur G9 500cm3.


Lubrication. By constant circulation/automatic of a gallon (4,liters) of oil, compression from within the crankcase.

Cooling. Two aluminium fans mounted one on each end of a cross shaft, running on ball bearings lubricated from a turn grease cup. This system draws air into the hood circulating around the engine, ensuring cooling. this system was tested in extreme high temperatures and proved effective.


Energic motoculteur G9 front view amazing history

Energic motoculteur G9 front view amazing history.


Starting. By Kick start.

Air filter/Cleaner. Oil soaked metallic element.


Energic motoculteur G9 controls

Energic motoculteur G9 control levers.


Gears. The three speed gear box.

Reverse. One reverse gear. The application of reverse gear lifts the plow out of the ground. This is also used for maneuvering the motoculteur.

Clutch. Multiple disc type built win with the gear box within the engine casing.

Energic motoculteyr Type G9 ploughing.

Exhaust/Silencer. Fitted in a central position.

Steering. Independent wheel clutches makes steering very easy. De-clutching one wheel, and using reverse gear allows the motoculteur to be turned in its own width without undue effort.

Wheels. Outside diameter 76cms fitted with angled lugs. Three additional overall widths are available; 70cms, 80cms and 94cms. This is obtained by reversing the wheels.

Hitch. All implements are attached to a swinging draw bar by means of a single pin. A patented devise (Breveté S.G.D.G.) allows the plow to work outside the motoculteurs width, maintaining the draught from the center of the motoculteur.

Plowing depth. Up to 12 ins (30,48cms) dependent upon soil conditions.

Fuel consumption. Four hours per gallon of petrol. or 1 hour per 1 to 2 liters of fuel. the tank holds approx. 9 liters.

It is said that this machine replaces 2 large/draught horses, as a means of showing its efficiency’s, work rate and costs.

Energic motoculteur G9 Winch/Treuil

Energic type G9 winch.



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