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Energic Tracteur 550

Energic 550 Tracteur from 28/02/1965.


Energic 550 Tracteur (1965/6)

Energic 550 Tracteur (from1965/6)

Energic Tracteur 550 – usage medium farm.

As Energic could not afford the large costs involved with with R&D and the developement of a new range of tracteurs, it made more sense to re brand a existing range of quality tracteurs for the French domestic market. They approached the Austrian manufacturer Styer for 2 wheel drive tractors from 1965 with tractor models Energic 520 to 580 (Steyr 180/280 models – just rebadged Energic)

Energic tracteur rebaged Steyr

Cost in 1/05/1965 19,800 frs.


Engine. Steyr –  4 stroke, 4 cylinder 47.5cv, 2,660cm3.

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Energic 550 Tracteur (1965/6)

Energic 550 Tracteur ( from1965/6)

Lubrication. By constant circulation of oil held within the sump of the engine.

Equipment. Instrument dash board.

Gears. The engine offers  6 forward and 6 reverse gears. Blockage differential.

PTO. Independent rear and side.

Clutch. Multiple disc type built win with the gear box immersed in oil, within the engine casing.

Exhaust/Silencer. Fitted to the right hand side in a frontal position (viewed from the rear looking forward), away from the driver.

Steering. Adjustable steering, direct shaft on to gears.

Wheels. Pneumatic Tyre/wheels front tyre dimension  600 x 16, rear tyre dimension 11 x 32.

Energic 550 Tracteur (from1965/6)

Energic 550 Tracteur (from1965/6)

Hitch. 3 point hitch hydraulic with height and weight control and towing hook,

Fuel consumption. 1.5 to 2.3 liters of fuel per hour dependent upon working conditions. The tank holds approx. 9 liters.

Weight. 1.930 kgs With additional wheel weights of single or double where available. Also it is possible to fill the tyre with water for extra traction and weight.

Electrical equipment. Full electric front and back lights,electric, starter, Battery, dynamo, lights, horn.

Brakes. Independent on each wheel, could be dual operated using a connector on the pedals.


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