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Energic Tracteur 519 B

Energic tracteur 519 B – Diesel


Energic 519 B vigneron  Energic 519 B vigneron  Energic 519 B vigneron plaque



Energic Tracteur assembly line 519 petrol/diesel  Energic 519 tracteur Diesel engine

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Instrument panel It had the following gauges and switches; Oil pressure light, temp. gauge water, Amp gauge, light switch, pre heater switch/bar, motor stop button, manual accelerator lever, pre heater visual coil. Optional extra; tractor working hours counter. There is a fuse box that is easily access able behind the instrument panel.

Energic 519 tracteur instrument panel  Energic 519 tracteur behind instrument panel wiring

Electrics.  Electric starter, lights front and rear, Batterie 12v 60amps,

3 point hitch. Options; Relevage automatique et méchanique – Dynabloc/Breveté S.G.D.G.

The 3 point lift has been tested for 200 000 lifts of 250kgs, which represents 15 to 20 years of operation on a average farm without any mechanical problems.There are 2 types of connections available Type 519 and type S. see photos for the difference.

Braking. Independent for each wheel or bloc together ( a hand brake is also available operating on the 2 back wheels as normal breaking)

Tyres/Pneu. Front/avant 400 x 15. Rear 8 x 24 or 9 x 24 or 900 x 24(11 x 24) + supplementary price.

PTO / Prise de force.  Axiale.


Energic 519 options for use of the PTO  Energic 519 options for use of the PTO Sprayer system


Adjustable widths; 2 types of tractor; Narrow/vigneron model; 0.87m to 1.20m. Standard/Fermier model; 1.15m to 1.50m.

Axles.  Reinforced tubular front axles to with stand greater loads and width adaptability.

Bonnet. Hinged forward for easy access to engine components, oil, fuel and servicing.

Energic 519 tracteur T.M.D.   Energic 519 tracteur T.M.D.

Energic 519 tracteur T.M.D.


Dimensions: Length 2.5m, width 1.5m, height to bonnet 1.25m, seat height .9m.

Weight: Between 1,110kg and 1,180kg, with masses 1,202kg/1,272kgs. You can add water into the tyre to add 118kg in total.

Optional extras/implements: Heavy wheels front + 80kgs. An additional gear selector, which doubles the number of gears to 8 gears.The 8 gears give the following ranges:3 gears for when very slow to slow speed is required, 3 speed normal range usage and 2 for high speed such as road work. Passenger seat on the normal tractor both sides.

Energic 519 tracteur on trials  Energic 519 tracteur with TMD moteur

Additional equipment; Sprayer/Pulvérisateur 200 litresHub to operate belt (renvoi perpendiculaire et sa poulie photo. Winch/Treuil arriere et poulie de renvoi.

Energic tracteur 519 Double Articulation dattelages/towing hitch  Energic tracteur 519 Double Articulation d'attelages/towing hitch  Energic tracteur 519 TMD tracteur with winch/treuil

2 Systems of double articulation d’attelage towing/implement attachment.


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