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Energic Motoculteur 206

Energic 206 Motoculteur – series 200


Energic motoculteur 206 Bernard 610

Energic motoculteur 206 Moteur Bernard W 610, 6cv.

Energic 206 6cv prototype for 216.


Engine/Moteur. Moteur Bernard W 610, 6cv , 6cv at 3000 tp/m, single cylinder, 4 stroke, OHV valves, Alésage 69mm x Course 64mm. Cylinder 240cm3. Air cooled. Cylinder head/Carter – aluminium with special metal cylinder lining. Cylinder head Hemispheric, with Over head valves (OHV). The piston is made up from a mixture of aluminium-silicon and copper for maximum resistance under load. Push rods are regular able, The Crankshaft is mounted on regulated roller bearings with sealing rings at each end giving full safety against the introduction of dust inside the casing. Centrifugal regulator.

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Lubrication. By constant circulation of oil held within the sump of the engine. The circulation pressure being attained from crankcase pressure spraying/mist droplets of oil onto all the moving parts of the engine, including the over head valves which are under a watertight housing.

Energic motoculteur 206 Bernard 610


Carburateur. Solex 22 NH or Zenith 22 RX both automatic.

Cooling. By air circulation.

Starting. By hand turning the pulley at the front of the engine, usually with twine/cord.

Energic motoculteur 206 Bernard 610


Magneto/spark. Generated from a magnetic system. Regulateur centrifuge.

Air filter/Cleaner. Filter in a bath of oil.

Gears. 3 forward and 1 reverse gears, using a second sprocket/inversion you can get 6 forward and 2 reverse. (Inverser Sprockets 18, 49 teeth). Further combinations of gears can be obtained at additional cost.


Clutch. Multiple discs immersed in oil. Soft and subtle, enabling smooth transition in gears and measured starting.

PTO. Rear. (prise de force) 170- 1150 tr/m with 3 sizes of poulies 110-150 and 150mm. And in all cases the poulie front can act as a PTO.

Exhaust/Silencer. Fitted to the right hand side in a frontal position (viewed from the rear looking forward), away from the driver.

Energic motoculteur 206 Bernard 610

Energic motoculteur 206 Bernard 610 side view.


Steering. By directing the handle bars, handle bars been adjustable for height.

Wheels. Model A; Pneumatic Tyre wheels 400 x 12 or additional cost option 500 x 15. Blockage independent for each wheel. Model B; Pneumatic Tyre wheels 500 x 12 or additional cost option 650 x 16. Blockage independent for each wheel. With the option of “Moyeux auto-réglables” you can alter the width of the motoculteur between 50cm and 80cm, depending upon the size and dimensions of the wheels.

Hitch. Manual universal hitch with metal pin to attach diverse ancillary equipment, ploughs, hoes, etc. Paint special polymérisée.

Transformed. Rapidly into a winch, grass cutter etc., with the correct 200 series adaptions as optional extras.

Energic motoculteur 206 Bernard 610


Weight. 245kgs. With additional wheel weights of approx. 23kgs single or (46kgs) double. Also it is possible to fill the tyre with water for extra traction and weight.

Additional equipment. Fully automatic wheel width regulation. potato lifter/arrache pomme dr terre, barre de coupe 1.45m, various plows (15 – 22cms) – brabant, buttior, bineuse, charrue simlpe 3 types, bi-soc plows, cultivateurs, expirpateur 5 dents, rotivator/fraise rotaive – 350/500mm, harrow/herse, wheel weights/masses, extra sprockets in the gearbox to double the gears, poulie 110mm, various towing brackets/attelages, sprayers/ pulverisateur 100liters- pipe- 1 lance, metal wheels/roues méttaliques, seed planter/semoir, winch/treuil and various variations on wheel sizes and dimensions.



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