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Energic 110 series

Energic motoculteur series  110


Energic type 110, model 214/215   Energic type 110, model 214/215

2 models – model 114 motor Bernard W39 initially then came the  model 115 motor Bernard W239 from  3/1963.

The 110 machine is very versatile and can, with adaptions, be used for 3 types of work; For rotivation (Le Fraisage), plowing and hoeing (Le labour et les binages) and cutting grass/hay  (Le Fauchage). This motoculteur has a large ground clearance. It is possible to change from the rotivator to hoeing, to mowing/grass cutting without changing/or removal of the wheel. It can also be used to pull a trailer, with the removal of the ancillary equipment. For safety while using the cutting adaption,  it is possible to disengage the blade very quickly.

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Energic type 110, model 214/215

Energic type 110, model 214/215