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Energic 210 series

Energic 210 series (1963+)


Energic series 210; model A; 214 4cv (213kgs) 3,148/3,167 frs. Model B; 214 4cv (213kgs) 3,340/3441 frs. (1/05/1963), Model A; 215 5cv (223kgs) 3,397/3,416 frs. Model B; 215 5cv (223kgs) 3,589/3690 frs.

Energic series 210; Model A; 216 6/7cv (223kgs)3,597/3,616 frs. Model B; 216 6/7cv (223kgs) 3,789/3.890 frs., Model A; 217 7cv (223kgs) 3,397/3,416 frs. Model B; 217 6/7cv (223kgs) 3589/3,690 frs. 218 8cv.


The commercially most successful Energic motoculteurs in this range where the popular 215 and the 216 models. Both economic and powerful enough for most small holders and gardens.

Energic 215 moteur Bernard Energic motoculteur 215 side view

Energic 215 motor Bernard 3 gears forward 1 reverse. Energic 215 model B


Energic series 210 model 216

Energic series 210 model ready for action.


Energic series 210 model 216

Here is a 216 in very good condition.


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