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Fuel, Oils & Greases

Fuel, Oils & Greases


In the original Energic motoculteur  hand book, for 4 stroke moteurs, the manufacturer refers to using 1 to 2% oil addition to the fuel or a super lubricant. Also use the highest octane fuel available with a additional dash of additive to replace lead content. This mimics the fuel available in the 1930’s, which was of a high octane rating and leaded for lubrication of combustion parts. (fuel/ oil use 2 stroke at 1%). This is a guide and you must make your own decisions on suitability.

Energic motoculteurs 1930's lead replacement for fuel

Energic motoculteurs 1930’s lead replacement for fuel an example


For 2 stroke moteurs in the B1 and B5. use a 2 stroke mix. Energic used a high ratio of 8%.This is a guide and you must make your own decisions on suitability.


Oils & Greases

The Kervoline brand was the preferred lubrication supplier for oils and grease for the Energic motoculteurs  from 1930 on wards.

The recommended range used consisted of;

Kervoline TT 2 stroke/temps for a 8% mix. Energic motoculteur B1 and B5.

Kervoline EH(équi-visqueuse) or BB – In the summer

Kervoline EH (équi-visqueuse) or EV (starter) – In the winter

Kervoline Z  Bati all seasons – equates to a 80 SAE mono grade mineral oil. Now use a 90 SAE mono grade mineral to 140 SAE mono grade mineral oils

Kervoline Rose Grease/Graisse – now use general branded grease, high pressure and temperature resistant. Placed in the clickable grease cups for dispensing on weekly/regular basis.

I have used the following company “Direct lub”, products from there collection range specifically formulated for early moteurs. You can see more on They offer good delivery.

If you select SAE 30 and it is possible to mix it with SAE 50 (both Direct Lub) to form a intermediate viscosity to suit you machine and its operation.

Oils available for Moteurs, Boites & Ponts, High pressure oils, SAE 30, 50, 80/90 and 140 mineral etc.

Another company is Miller oils specifically formulated for early moteurs



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