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Air and Fuel control Carburettor/Carburateur

Air and Fuel control Carburettor by levers

It is very important to understand the positioning for starting and running the motocultuers by operating the 2 levers on the handle bars (right hand side) – Manette double compléte de commande. The ratio of air and fuel is obviously different when starting to that of constant running of the motoculteur. The type of lever/manette was normally AMAC as it was a complete lever to wire system feeding directly into the top of the carburettor . Sometimes the lever assembly was replaced by a Gartner system. Often because the wires operating the carburettor slides snapped or broke with age, they where replaced by external wires. As it is difficult to re thread the wired through the handle bars as originally spec’d. Also the handle bars had a strength flaw, where the double drilled and bolted swing arm support joined the handle bars. Here the handle bars often failed and had to be soldered, thus making it virtually impossible to thread a new cable through the narrowed handle bar with solder in the way.

More fuel less air for starting – richer mix. So in starting the Energic motoculteur you shut the air off or nearly off and keep the fuel on full (fully open). Then moving onto a balanced leaner mixture for general running. This is true of cold to normal conditions. In very hot conditions you will have to keep more fuel rich mixtures running for a longer time to prevent evapouration in the pipe to the carburateur.



Original lever system set up, in chromed metal (top lever shorter than bottom) – AMAC factory fitted with matching carburettor.


Dog leg AMAC levers non original.


Gartner and modified non original fit lever/manette system.


Modified AMAC sytems, new cables, additional levers and shortened stock levers.Sometimes different system utilizing the original components of this lever system where ingeniously employed.


Broken AMAC redundant lever system awaiting re stringing with lever operating wire to the carburettor.


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