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Overcoming difficult terrain

Overcoming difficult terrain

The new Energic range in 1930 enable farmers to overcome difficult terrain, whether steep, narrow or angle. The Energic type A winch enable the farmer to cultivate these difficult and challenging terrains.

Energic type A

Energic winch type A


Energic type G treuil/winch

Energic type G with treuil


The Energic motoculteur C7, B4L 1931, was also adapted for use with a winch for these difficult conditions.

Steep hills need a winch.

Steep hills and where a initially deep plow cut is require (previously uncultivated land) need the power of the winch.

Energic Wich/treuil pulling a deep plow up hill power

Deep cut with a Energic motoculteur C7 B4L winch at a distance.



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