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Just adding the Energic tracteur, motoculteur, motobineuse, motofaucheuse and tondeuses ranges to a new section of the website Models of Energic after 1940 to 1986. A lot of work and will have to amend on the way so bear with me.

Energic 409 awaiting restoration  Energic tracteurs at the factory


The time is 3.30am, it’s -3°C and it is another very early start. I scrape the ice from the windscreen of the car, check the trailer with my head torch and I am on my way. If you are an enthusiast, a true collector, with a passion for old machinery then this will ring a bell. I have traveled as many as 1640 kms in a day, that is over 16 hours driving, to collect a motoculteur from the French Spanish border regions. Sounding familiar? Then you too have the bug. We are a tough, sole-minded breed who will stop at nothing to rescue, renovate, run and preserve our machinery.

I have been stuck in ditches, bogged down in fields, had numerous close shaves on the driving front, been pulled out by tractors, charged by animals, and more. It’s all in a collector’s life. You either love it or hate it. Some think we are crazy, I say we are a bit eccentric but need this to keep our lives in equilibrium.

Energic Motoculteur B5, C7, D9 & G9 searching.


Energic D9 starting      Energic B1restoration

Yes you know you want to start!


Energic C7 4BL Vines viticulture      Energic C7 4BL On rails bottling factory

Just remember that these agricultural and industrial workers used the Energic motoculteurs you and I are now restoring and showing. Proud agricultural and industrial history.


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